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MERN Spring Forum, May 12, 2017

MERN Highlights - April, 2017

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Volume 13 of the MERN Journal is now online!

Welcome to the Manitoba Education Research Network

The Manitoba Education Research Network (MERN) works to improve the quality of education in Manitoba through a collaborative effort on the part of Manitoba's five faculties of education, Manitoba Education, and affiliated partner organizations.

The Manitoba Education Research Network serves public education by:

  1. Facilitating a province-wide education research community;
  2. Promoting professional learning through collaborative inquiry;
  3. Creating opportunities for research connections across the field; and,
  4. Supporting education priorities and research interests most relevant to Manitoba.

The MERN website serves as the network hub for organizing the MERN fora and other events and archiving all related information. The MERN Journal publishes research submissions derived from forum presentations. The MERN Monograph Series publishes more substantive Manitoba-based research reports. The MERN Monograph Series II features work based on recent graduate and postgraduate studies completed in Manitoba's Faculties of Education.

For further information regarding MERN activities contact the MERN office.

Photos from the MERN Urban Forum, April 7, 2017

Manitoba Education MEY - K to S4 Brandon University BU Faculty of Education Université de Saint-Boniface USB, Faculté d'éducation University College of the North UCN, Department of Education University of Manitoba U of M, Faculty of Education University of Winnipeg UofW, Faculty of Arts & Science, Education