MERN History

When MERN was first formed in the fall of 2002, the organizing group felt that a web site could be the primary vehicle for facilitating connections among Manitoba's educational researchers, administrators and practitioners. A Brandon University professor, who was on sabbatical during the 2002/3 academic year volunteered to design, develop and maintain the web site. The site was designed with a great deal of input from MERN's affiliates. The initial simple, static design evolved into a dynamic, database driven design with the assistance of a Computer Science student from Brandon University during the summer of 2003. From 2003 until 2012 the MERN web site was hosted by Brandon University.

In early 2007, the web site was substantially modified to focus more on the presentations delivered at the MERN research fora and MERN publications. The search function hunts for keywords in the titles and descriptions of forum presentations and abstracts. It does not search the content of the papers stored on the MERN site but these should be found when using a normal Google search.

In 2010 the MERN Awards were instituted. Pages have been added to provide information about the award (the MERNA) and the recipients.

In 2012 the web site was moved to a commercial hosting service in Vancouver to facilitate email services. In recent years MERN has experimented with video conferencing of MERN fora to allow for greater participation of educators around the province.

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