Presentations at MERN Forum # 9
Science Teaching and Learning

1A "Combining the view of both worlds: Perceived constraints and contributors to achieving aspirations for science education in Qikiqtanii" Barbara McMillan & Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
1B "Linking communities to enhance the teaching and learning of science in minority language schools: A progress report" Léonard Rivard & Rodelyn Stoeber Abstract
1C "Developing the workforce of the future" Norman Lee Abstract
1D "Experiences of Aboriginal high school students in mathematics and science" Florence Glanfield Abstract
2A Student creativity in science investigative planning Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
2B "Intermediate mathematics teacher capacity and growth: Enhancing knowledge and beliefs" Ann Kajander, Carlos Zerpa, & Dave Paddington Abstract
2C "Citizenship Mathematics" Craig Blagden & Ralph Mason Abstract
2D "Integrating science curriculum in the middle school: Utilizing a historical perspective" Don Metz, Stephen Klassen & Barbara McMillan Abstract
3A "Comparison of achievement and context in science based on SAIP 2004 assessment results" Ken Clark Abstract
3B "Seeds and sparks - evaluation of the hotline program in the Alberta science networks" Marilyn Mooibroek Abstract
3C "Secondary level learning resources addressing students perceptions of 'uninteresting' and 'complex' science: A CRYSTAL study" Mona Maxwell Abstract
3D "The presentation of the mathematical component of physics in high school and introductory level college physics textbooks: Using the law of universal gravitation as an example" Inessa Rozina Abstract
4A "We are all downstream: The risk and protective factors for teaching sustainability education in middle school science" Amanda Freedman Tetrault Abstract
4B "Science curriculum development for a northern internet-based high school" Tony Bartley, John Friesen & Robert Jerome Abstract
4C "Using interactive vignettes in the teaching of the mole concept in secondary chemistry" Heather Teller Abstract
4D "Impediments and contributors to chemistry teacher candidate development" Brian Lewthwaite Abstract

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