Presentations at MERN Forum # 8
Rural Education

1A "Identifying and addressing the challenges of the rural principal" Tim De Ruyck Abstract
1B "Rural educational priorities and capacity in Manitoba: A summary of research" Dawn Wallin
1C "Brandon school division literacy project 2003-2007" Mathew Gustafson, Craig Laluk, John Minshull & Cathy Watt
1D "Rurality a potential advantage? Marlene Atleo
1E "A framework for sustainable agriculture in Manitoba curriculum" Mona Maxwell Abstract
1F "Changing the scale of professional development" Lynn Whidden & Ralph Mason
2A "Brandon school division middle years initiative" Betty Howell & Donna Forsyth
2B "Senior years review in Evergreen school division: Engaging student, teacher and community voices in dialogue toward change for our high schools" Paul Cuthbert, Scott Hill & Students
2C "Linking communities to enhance learning opportunities in science for both teachers and students in minority language schools" Rodelyn Stoeber & Brahim Ould Baba
2D "Aboriginal teacher and EAL (English as an additional language) teachers: Developing a common discourse" Marlene Atleo
2E "An examination of educational problems as perceived by rural educators" Amjad Malik & K.P. Binda
2F "Brandon school division graduation study 2003-2005" Donna Michaels, Marlene Gregory, Doug Milak, Adrian Kuryliw & Barry Gooden
3A "Manitoba community schools: New models for community economic development" Laine Mosset
3B "A voice for parents in rural Manitoba" Sharon Burns
3C "Teacher perceptions of factors influencing science program delivery in rural francophone minority settings in Manitoba & Saskatchewan" Brian Lewthwaite, Robert Renaud & Rodelyn Stoeber Abstract
3D "Rural education and learning: Past, present perspectives and future possibilities" Karen Rempel
3E "Student voice: Voices of today and tomorrow" Jeanne Gitzel
3F "The whole school approach to education: A case study of an environmental school in rural Costa Rica" Don Metz
4A "Prevalence of anxiety disorder among intermediate students with reading comprehension problems in northern Manitoba" Harold MacDonald
4B "Rural educational priorities and capacity in Manitoba: A summary of research" Dawn Wallin
4C "'I want to enable teachers in their change': Exploring the influence of a superintendent on science delivery" Brian Lewthwaite & Paul Cuthbert Abstract
4D "Teacher-candidate perceptions of educational leadership: Democratization in Manitoba schools" Carolyn Crippen
4E "WebCT ;Is it the answer to small enrollment courses in rural Manitoba? What the research says about who is advantaged by the use of WebCT?" Glenn Cockerline

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