Presentations at MERN Forum # 7
Diversity in Education

0A "Creativity, Diversity, and other Conundrums", Keynote Address Dr. Louis Visintin Paper  
1A "Gakina awiya biindigeg (Everyone welcome)" Lesley Eblie & Ken McCorkle
1B "Barriers to learning and strategies for transformation: Exploring the challenges of youth and adults from war affected backgrounds and the teachers who work with them" Karen Magro
1C "Diversity and peace: Integrating conflict resolution education into social studies curriculum" Nancy Chislett
1D "Beyond education: The economic and social impact of adult learning centres in rural Manitoba" Jerry Storie
1E "A summary of proceedings from the first annual 'Aboriginal Education Research Forum', June 2005" Leon Simard
2A "Valuing diversity: From development to sustainability" Marlene Atleo
2B "So what if the 'diverse' are 'bad' kids?" Helen Armstrong
2C "Instructional approaches used by content area teachers" Donna Copsey Haydey
2D "Support for early literacy practices in rural Manitoba schools an online professional learning community" Julie Ann Kniskern, Janet Dent, Joan Bartley
3A "Francophone students in minority-language settings: Analysis of performance levels of SAIP assessments - exploring pedagogical, socio-cultural and economical considerations in order to support learning/teaching" Jules Rocque
3B "Trajectories: Listening for diversity in high school" Ralph Mason & Janelle McFeetors
3C "'Windshield' research: Driving the pickup truck of diversity in the Brandon University B.Ed program" Robin Enns
3D "Building hope: Appropriate programming for adolescent and young adult newcomers of war-affected backgrounds" Tony Tavares
3E "Restorative justice education: Aboriginal peacemaking philosophy" John Hansen
4A "The role of conflict in learning" Alexa Okrainec
4B "Killing a big moose" Leon Simard
4C "Pioneers in policy leadership: The new model of school board governance evolving in Manitoba" Laura Reimer
4D "Kaitlyn's dance: Professional learning through arts-based teaching" Joan Martin & Ralph Mason

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