Presentations at MERN Forum # 54
Partners in Learning

1A Parents Be the Change: How an action inquiry project explodes into positive change! Sherilyn Skwarchuk & Naomi Kruse
1B Spirit Lines: A partnership project with the Manitoba Museum David Swanson
2A Data driven partnerships at Brooklands School Rex Baird Ferguson
2B Community schools and BSAP Cheryl Montgomery & Mike Murrin
3A Wraparound supports for children and youth with emotional and behavioural challenges in the context of a community school Nadine Bartlett
3B Jordan’s Principle - Child First Initiative Reg MacDonald
4A Manitoba First Nations School System: Beginning and future directions Nora Murdock
4B Response to the First Nation, Metis, Inuit Policy Framework: Promoting successful Indigenous education in the School District of Mystery Lake Lorie Henderson

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