Presentations at MERN Forum # 52

1A Who’s doing the thinking? Jennifer Granke & Holly Anderson
1B Engaging students though inquiry in Canadian history Orysya Petryshyn
1C Creative music experiences with grades 4 and 5 students using the baritone ukulele Jordan Laidlaw
1D Grade 12 Canadian Law: Implementation of the student inquiry project Tracy Blahut
1E A narrative reflection on the history and development of the Global Teacher Inquiry Project (GTIP) Gary Babiuk
1F Got Data: Now What? Three Schools’ Implementation of Bruce Wellman’s Collaborative Inquiry Process Joan Zaretsky
2A Encouraging the development of problem solving skills in middle and high school Lam Nguyen, Sheri Temple & Mike Kattenfeld
2B The Science Teachers Inquiry Project: Improving the Design Process With Middle Years Students Dawn Sutherland, Michelene Reiniger & Daniélle Dubois-Jacques
2C The Canadian dream project Kevin Lopuck & Pamela Schoen
2D A teacher's journey to transform her math identity Rhonda Hawthorne
2E Relationship mapping: An inquiry into the complex relationship challenges of educational leaders David Mandzuk & Catherine Draper
2F Inquiry into implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Kelsey School Division Linda Markus
3A Developing conceptual understanding of mathematics through inquiry David Law
3B Inquiry in teaching Grade 10 Essentials Math Michelle McLarty-Paul
3C Examining and exploring lived experience through inquiry Tim Skuce & Sheelagh Chadwick
3D Spaces of issue and issues of space Timothy Beyak & Justin Larrivee
3E Conversations in math to enrich problem solving Leigh Stachniak, Heather Fraser, Tina Wilts & Gary Jackson
3F Parents be the change: Using the inquiry process to engage parents Sheri Lynn Skwarchuk & Naomi Kruse
4A Meeting the standard? Can Grade 11 Manitoba geography students successfully complete a true inquiry project? Rob Langston
4B Stop, collaborate, and listen: Engaging all learners in collaborative numeracy development with K-5 students Tracy Tesluck, Jenna Firth, Jessica Robertson, Sara Neufeld, Brittany Miller, Iryna Deneka, Melissa Harder, Jay Macdonald, Karen Hiscott & Sari Rosenberg
4C Inquiring in additional languages Mike Friesen
4D Supporting teacher inquiry: Finding the time Ralph Mason
4E Reimagining “mental health” in schools: A critical look at the medicalized view of distress in youth Kira Coulter
4F How can we bring Canadian history to life through the stories of the dead? Using inquiry and historical thinking to pay tribute to fallen WWI soldiers. Kara Wickstrom Street & John Thompson

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