Presentations at MERN Forum # 51

1A Complex poverty and education systems: Yes, we can make a difference! Duane Brothers
1B Reimagining mental health in schools: A critical look at the medicalized view of distress in youth Kira Coulter
1C Tell your story: The importance of film programs in inner city schools Caitlin Matewish
1D Alternative programs to support inner city youth in Winnipeg Diana Chernichko & Aubray Windsor
2A CEDA-Pathways: Supporting Winnipeg’s inner-city youth Kyle Ryzebol
2B Psychiatrizing urban poverty: Five reasons to question mental health awareness in the inner city Jan DeFehr
2C How Wall to Bridges prison education "took our moments of grey and gave us colours of hope" Judith Harris
2D Decolonizing education Haven Stumpf & Eleanor Thompson
3A Mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences Through Project-Based Learning Matt Henderson
3B Metis education in an urban context Sharon Parenteau
3C Meeting learner needs is key to community-based adult education Marlene Atleo

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