Presentations at MERN Forum # 50
Engaging Learners in Northern Education

1A Spirit Way Initiative: Wolves without borders Micheline Gagne
1B Classroom-based assessment in early years Sara MacPherson and Sherry Perih
1C Aboriginal languages in Manitoba: Cree, Dene, Michif, Ojiwe, Inuktitut, Dakota and Oji-Cree Esther Sanderson with Elder Stella Neff and Elder Don Robinson
1D The MET School Nancy Janelle
2A Reframing Indigenous perspectives in education Chuck Bourgeouis
2B Perceptions of the purposes of education: Exploring local and global perspectives Anne Barbour-Stevenson with Erin Berscheid, Amber Cook, Mercedes Cote & Larissa Stephen
2C UDL teacher research in Kelsey School Division Linda Markus
2D Is land our first teacher? Enthralling northern students in math and science through relevancy Amjad Malik with Heather Fecteau-Forbister, Karlyn Houndle , Tara Miscavish, Yental Wavey, and Angela Wolfe
3A Teacher inquiry: Getting started Sherry Perih & Jay MacKenzi
3B MESJ: Working together for a better world Nancy Janelle
3C Thompson as wolf capital of the world TBA
3D Indigenous language revitalization: Pathways for a K - 3 Ojibwa language school Rebecca Chartrand
3E Determinants of culturally appropriate mobile learning in northern Manitoba. Ben Akoh

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