Presentations at MERN Forum # 5
Strengthening Student Transitions

1A Community Pathways of Aboriginal Youth Leaders Dr. Annabelle Mays
1B "An Assessment of the Initial Impact of Long-Term Career Education Intervention in a First Nations Community: The Skownan First Nation Experience " Darrell Cole, Dr. Michael Heine
1C "Strengthening Student Transitions through Inquiry into Aboriginal Education " Helen Settee, Sheila Spooner, Betty-Ann McIvor
1D "Student Voice: Voices of Today and Tomorrow " Jeanne Gitzel Abstract
1E "Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Stakeholders Experiences with Community-Based Adult Literacy Programs That Include Adult and Youth at Risk " Marion Terry
2A "Thinking Like Archimedes: An Instructional Design Experiment " Evan Janzen Roth, Dr. Ralph Mason Abstract
2B "To Be Your Own Best Teacher: Daily Electronic Mentoring for Student Teachers " Peter McKay,Sherry Peden
2C "Action Research in an Intensive Learning Program " Audrhea Lande, Susan Koloski Abstract
2D "Multiage Classrooms: Facilitating Transitions from Grade to Grade" Julie Ann Kniskern, Dr. Cam Symon, Steve Lawrie, Robin Wiebe, Laurie Edel
2E "Student Transitions and Post-Secondary Education " Dan Smith Abstract
3A "National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER)- Literacy Transitions/Kindergarten to Adult Learners " Dr. Donna Michaels, Dr. Beverley Bailey Abstract
3B "Action Research Comes of Age " Dr. Ralph Mason Abstract
3C "From Student to Teacher: Community Resources Strengthening Post-Secondary Student Transitions " Vince Stoneman, Sherry Peden Abstract
3D "Educaring - Transitioning in the Early Years " Carolyn Duhamel, Pat Wege
3E "Addressing Risk and Building Resilience Through Career Exploration " Dr.Dawn Sutherland, Kathryn Levine Abstract
4A "HELP! Gen-V Teaching Gen-Y " Dr. John Anchan
4B "Constraints and Contributors to Becoming a Science-Teacher Leader " Dr. Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
4C "From Home To School We Go " Deb McCallum Abstract
4D "Evaluating Adult Education in Winnipeg's Inner City: The Mature Grade Twelve Diploma " Paul Willets, Courtney Edmundson, Matt Hamilton Abstract
4E "Community-Based Aboriginal Curriculum Initiatives: Implementation and Evaluation" Dr. Helen Armstrong, Aldin Foy, Barbara Gfellner, Lorne Keeper, Violet Okemaw, Doreen McPherson, Leah La Plante, Sherry Peden, Brian Ranville, Leon Simard Abstract

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