Presentations at MERN Forum # 48

1A Enacting critical pedagogy and challenging conformity in teacher education: A tale of two educators Clea Schmidt & Jane Cormack
1B Supporting newcomer students and their families Daniel Swaka & Faven Mergia
1C Inquiry, diversity and global issues - The GTIP initiative Daniel Kiazyk
1D Diversity in a Global Issues classroom: Confronting the issues head-on Kevin Lopuck
2A The Fall Equinox: A celebration of diversity Rhonda McCorriston
2B Honouring diversity in community schools Sue Hoang & Ainslie Loria
2C The MET School Nancy Janelle & David Zynoberg
3A "Thank you for believing in me" Julie Ann Kniskern & Cheryl Klassen
3B Evolving locally-controlled education through partnership Colleen Clearsky
3C Understanding diverse perspectives on informal musical participation towards increased involvement in school music Kelsey Demond, Emily Hodge, Jennie Kennedy, Abby Ziprick, & Sheelagh Chadwick
4A Embracing our cultural differences: The Winnipeg Cultural Diversity Project Chantelle Cotton & Ira Udow
4B Language use and literacy development through culturally-relevant play-based pedagogies in early years classrooms Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou
4C The K - 12 Treaty Education Initiative René McGurry
4D The Metis: Our pathway to reconciliation Sharon Parenteau

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