Presentations at MERN Forum # 47
Inquiry in Teaching and Learning

1A How can the core concepts of the Global Issues course (inquiry and action) be effectively implemented in other high school social sciences courses? Reflections on teacher action research Kara Wickstrom Street John Thompson
1B Collaborative inquiry projects for teachers of mathematics: Getting started Shelly Cook, Ralph Mason Alexander McKenzie & Sherry Perih
1C Collaborative inquiry and reflective practice Lia Baksina
1D Design thinking and inquiry with Design It Science Jazmin Bain, Alida Einarson, Jireh Martiniano & Kaleigh Poirier
1E Inquiry-based learning in unusual places: Inquiry and Grade 8 algebra Dave Law
2A I wonder what happens when I do this? The Science Teacher Inquiry Project Dawn Sutherland and STIP teachers
2B Healing relations through the land (1) & Transformational nature of journey in self-identity (2) Diane Brown, Holly Kalyniuk, Tim Skuce
2C The issue of assessment in Global Issues,Citizenship and Sustainability: A mark conundrum Kevin Lopuck
2D Outcome based assessment in senior years mathematics classrooms Allison Coe, Ian Donnellly, David Long & Georgia Sigvaldason
2E Inquiry into the role for education in growing community food security Scott Durling
3A Classroom-based assessment in early and middle years Ken Clark, Sara MacPherson & Sherry Perih
3B Anyone can teach social studies. But can they? Jean-Paul Rochon
3C Assuming a role, becoming a teacher and the occupation of space in a child’s learning journey(1) & Exploring one’s identity within the role of teaching social studies (2) Melissa Clark, Miranda Sadler & Tim Skuce
3D Fostering student voice in Grades 8 and 9 mathematics classrooms Ralph Backé & Denis Gingras
3E Inquiry in a technological society Denis Hlynka
3F Reflections on leading the Math Teacher Inquiry Project (MTIP) Paul Betts, Ian Donnelly and Sheri Skwarchuk
4A Learning places as transformative spaces: An exploration of identity and citizenship through global issues inquiry Timothy Beyak
4B Empowering math learning in early years multi-age classrooms Lynnea Luna, Sari Rosenberg & Breanne Treyturik
4C Supporting teachers in numeracy in Sunrise School Division Allan Stevenson
4D Mobile technology and the at-risk learner: iPad Learning Project Louise Loewen, Tara Manych, Marion Terry,
4E Mathematics teacher inquiry projects for social equity in Tanzania Ralph Mason
4F Mental healthť in high school: Reflections and concerns of a teacher onthe frontlines Kira Coulter

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