Presentations at MERN Forum # 45
MERN North 2016

1A The Blanket Exercise (Sessions 1A & 2A) Rebecca Chartrand Alison Cox Helen Robinson-Settee
1B Science outreach programs at the Arctic’s edge LeeAnn Fishback & Stephanie Puleo
1C Collaborative practice in action Lia Baksina
2A The Blanket Exercise (Continues from Session 1A) Rebecca Chartrand Alison Cox Helen Robinson-Settee
2B Embedding resiliency training in early childhood education Brenda Firman, Vanessa Fitxpatrick & Janet Wheaton
2C Engaging schools and community in research (Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program) Barb Carlson & Jon McGavock
3A Forest and Nature School: Place-based learning Barb Carlson
3B Connecting to Kenanow Model with 4R’s and 4D’s Marlene Atleo
3C Using our whole space to support students at the centre Scott Donovan, Rhonda McCorriston & student panel
4A Land based education in the schoolyard: This is NOT a field trip Jennifer Davis & UCN Pre-Service Teachers
4B Supporting northern educators: A culturally proficient perspective Brenda Firman
4C Why research matters Sherry Peden

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