Presentations at MERN Forum # 44

1A Connecting for success: The Newcomer Education Coalition Abdikheir Ahmed, Sue Hoang, Surafel Kuchem &Marc Kuly Video  
1B Tipachimowin: Stories from the Winnipeg Education Centre teacher education program Helen Robinson-Settee
1C Embedding FRIENDS certification in initial teacher training Brenda Firman, Vanessa Fitzpatrick, Janet Wheaton Video  
2A Small school campus: A consortium of six rural schools in DSFM Deny Gravel & Louise Legal-Perrin Video  
2B Unpacking the call to action: Teaching global citizenship through a critical lens Lynn Nichol
2C Importance of teaching local authors in middle and senior years Anne-Marie Rochford
2D Met School Janelle & David Zynoberg Video  
3A First encounters between indigenous peoples and newcomers from the east to central Canada Brian Rice
3B Learning from the land is NOT a field trip Jennifer Davis with UCN Students
3C FSD / UCN / 4+1 / EOP / ELP / NMMA / NTC: What does it all mean for Frontier Students? Grant Krueger, Tyson MacGillvray, Gary Neufeld Video  
3D Ecological contexts to support refugee students in Manitoba schools Stephanie Yamniuk, Robyn Laramée, Daniel Militano, Douglas O’Brien & Lauren Prud’homme
4A Best practices and programs to support the education of refugee and newcomer students Jan Stewart Video  
4B An exercise in quantitative research protocol: Factors that affect student learning in Grade Nine Amjad Malik, Marion Terry
4C Supporting the professional educator: What works in the different contexts of northern education in Manitoba Shelley Cook, Brenda Firman Video  
4D Manitoba Educators for Social Justice Nancy Janelle & Derek Eidse Video  

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