Presentations at MERN Forum # 43
MERN 2015 Fall Forum
"Regenerative Leadership in Education" "

1A Dialogue in educational organizations Catherine Neumann
1B Inspiring hope: Sustainability and teacher education Chris Beeman, Lee Anne Block Laura Sims Thomas Falkenberg
1C New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL): Embracing contemporary learning competencies in Evergreen School Division Rosanna Cuthbert Nadine Trumbley
2A Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Sharon Parenteau
2B Inspiring hope: Sustainability and teacher education Continued from 1B
2C COSL Leadership Team: Working together for the betterment of education in Manitoba Maxine Geller, Gary Jackson, Sandy Turcotte
3A Transforming the educational landscape: Teachers’ conceptions of social justice and practical applications in 21st century classrooms Karen Magro
3B What have we learned through the implementation of a two- year division-wide induction program? Katherine Collis Gail Ruta Fontaine
3C Cross-linguistic phonology project Daniel Bérubé
3D Teacher, know thyself: The possibilities of transformative education Barry Dyck
4A The voices of our elders and the Anishnabe 3-R’s of leadership David Anderson
4B Académie de leadership / Leadership Academy Alain Laberge
4C Peer-assisted leadership (PAL) Roy Seidler, Kathy Siactecki, Anita Werbowski
4D Supporting professional learning communities in Math classrooms Paul Betts, Gwen Birse, Dan Kammerlock, Sari Rosenberg, Ricki Valcourt

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