Presentations at MERN Forum # 42
MERN 2015 Spring Forum
"Inquiry in Teaching and Learning"

1A Impact of student-initiated after school program on student motivation and learning challenges towards the development of a science project Alberto Mansilla
1B Career technology studies and inquiry learning Rosanne Massinon & Brenda Mutcher
1C Using co-operative learning to scaffold inquiry Laura Sokal
1D Considering a master’s thesis? My story of professional learning through research. Lam Nguyen
1E Learning to learn in more complex ways: Grade 8 math Jorrel Camuyong & Ralph Mason
1F New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) – Embracing contemporary learning competencies in Evergreen School Division Paul Cuthbert, Rosanna Cuthbert & Nadine Trembley
2A Expeditionary Math Glenys MacLeod
2B Inquiry through documentary: The case of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Assiniboine Park Zoo Denis Hlynka
2C Surviving “Global Issues”: A teacher's thoughts Greg Shedden
2D Mathematics education learning support leadership in Manitoba Michelle McClarty, Hollee Perreault, Sheri Lynn Skwarchuk and Kim Young
2E Building students’ experiential foundations: Powers and exponents, grade 9 Peter Slivinski, Steve Erickson and Ralph Mason
2F Creating a classroom culture where global issues can be taught Pamela Schoen
3A Life writing and literary métissage: Practitioner inquiries into the teaching of writing as/for social justice and human rights Michelle Honeyford and Wayne Serebrin
3B Cultural constructs of time and their effects on e-learning Orest Kinasevych
3C Becoming a math leader: Three narratives Allan Stevenson
3D Student engagement in learning at the local community level Larry Smith
3E Inquiry in the classroom: Inquiry and design thinking with Design IT Inquiry in the classroom Karlie Blahut, Ali Cuthbert, Con Claudio, Kayla Goosen and Simran Seehra
3F Global Issues Research Team Year 2: How effective is the Global Issues course in engaging students to care? Reflections on teacher action research findings John Thompson & Kara Wickstrom Street
4A Supporting professional learning communities: The case of problem solving Paul Betts, Gwen Birse, Dan Kammerlock & Sari Rosenberg
4B Technical vocational and academic partnerships Lindsay Cook and Cameron Matekia
4C Inner landscapes: Transformative learning experiences of Canadian education interns in Greece Karen Magro
4D Dialogue in educational organizations Catherine Neumann
4E The fusion text: A multimodal representation of student inquiry in global issues for knowing and meaning making Timothy Beyak

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