Presentations at MERN Forum # 41
MERN North 2015

1A Success in a complex world: How northern Manitoba female university students define success and impact of this success on family and community Maureen Simpkins and Marleny Bonnycastle
1B Peer-led tutoring through technology David Kattenburg and Terralyn McKee
1C Kinanaw Oma Stella Neff
1D Measurement and control of indoor air quality Selvin Pete
1E Collaborative practice in action Lia Baksina
1F Recruitment of teachers in Punjab, Pakistan: A qualitative study to explore policies and procedures Amjad Malik
1G A model for successful K - 12/Post secondary community based partnership Lindsay Cook and Cameron Mateika
2A Nanatonikewin: The vision for the UCN Council of Elders Brenda Firman, Connie Weenusk and Martha Jonasson
2B Aligning local goods and services to local and regional consumer needs and wants Mark Matiasek and Manveer Dhillon
2C Improving school engagement for students and parents Al Gardiner and Ann Barbour-Stevenson (UCN- The Pas)
2D The Letters of an Ontario Adventurer in British Columbia, 1873-1875 Greg Stott
2E Continuing the ceremony: FNMI educational leadership road show moves to land-based learning Sherry Peden and Dawn Wallin
2F Some stories of the land and the people before Wuskwatim covered the land Emma Gossfeld
2G practicum experiences for pre- service teachers Davis and Heather Cook
3A Teaching science in the north Amjad Malik, Malathi Rajendran, Dylan Harrington and Kate Cook
3B Contradictions in young worker’s retention of safety education Harvey Briggs
3C Supper and a Book: No cooking, no cleaning and it’s free! Trudy Bell-Tulman and Laura Ayres (UCN – The Pas)
3D The unique and privileged role of our communities in the future exploration of northern Manitoba Eckhart Buhlmann
3E The Aboriginal Education Directorate: An overview of research, policy development and strategic initiatives Helen Robinson-Settee
3F Where do parents fit in? Naomi Kruse
3G Metis education in Manitoba Sharon Parenteau
4A Indigenous language education: Where do we go next? Frank Deer
4B Impact of student-initiated afterschool program Alberto Mansilla
4C Integrating land-based education with the Manitoba middle years curriculum Jennifer Davis and Jaynie Burnell (UCN – The Pas)
4D Effective academic and community research partnerships: University of Winnipeg and Norway House Cree Nation on repatriating birthing Jaime Cidro, Christina Queskakapow and Elisabeth Dolin
4E Incorporating tradtitional elders in teaching science and mathematics in northern scho Lorna-Lee Breemersch, Melissa Bignell, and Darcie Smeltzer
4F Closing the reading gap at the source: The power of people and relationships in supporting emergent readers Brenda Firman and Connie Weenusk
4G The Aboriginal youth mentorship program (Rec and Read) Alexis Halverson, Kerri Wheaton and Barb Carlson

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