Presentations at MERN Forum # 39
Education for All

1A Music for all Sheila Scott
1B Head, heart, and hands: Three aspects of equity education Chris Brown
1C Factors that affect academic performance in Grade 9: Focus on video games Marion Terry & Amjad Malik
1D Curricular integration using Indigenous Inquiry Kits Helen Armstrong
1E Restitution: From compliance to selfdiscipline Rebecca Gray
2A Teacher research: A facilitator’s reflections on the Grade 12 Inquiry Project Lloyd Kornelsen
2B High school students helping younger children to learn mathematics Ralph Mason
2C Engaging parents to support learning: Challenges and opportunities Naomi Kruse
2D Indigenous films and movies for curricular integration and professional learning Helen Armstrong
2E How good schools empower students Bryan Schroeder
3A A study of middle school students’ motivation to learn English as a second language Margaret Aisicovich
3B The effectiveness of technology integration into the classroom in rural Manitoba high schools David Nutbean
3C Profiles of a struggling mathematics learner: What we know and how we can help Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk
3D Using social media to cultivate an empowering school environment Mike Nantais
4A Education for all Reg Klassen, Superintendent/CEO

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