Presentations at MERN Forum # 38
Pedagogy of Place

1A The Peaceful Village: The power of place and space Lesley Weisshaar
1B Peace education and sustainability: Synthesizing constructs of ecological development and social justice towards critical, place-based educational theory and practice Jan Stewart
1C No "us" and "them" and "over there": Understanding power and interconnections through global citizenship Kira Burkett and Bequie Lake
1D MTS support for reflective practice: Exceptional teachers, classrooms and communities. Lia Baksina
1E Story/narrative mapping: Understanding our inner ‘place’ to enhance learning spaces Laara Fitznor
1F From the ground up: Creating educational synergy together ­ a remote community welcomes a Kenanow/Kinanaw educator Stella Neff & Brenda Firman
2A Where we work for social justice: Close to home, in small places Gareth Neufeld
2B Training culturally proficient teachers within the Kenanow Model of Education Elder Stella Neff and Jennifer Davis
2C Andragogy* of place Robin Enns
2D Metis education in Manitoba Sharon Conway
2E Many ways to the market: Practical and experiential considerations for educational technologies in an indigenous context Ben Akoh

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