Presentations at MERN Forum # 37
Inquiry into SOCIAL Studies Education

1A Defining our space and place: A Kenanow perspective on social studies education David Anderson
1B Teaching and learning in multicultural environment: Challenges, needs and successful integration Eric Sagenes
1C Engaging discomfort: Consciousness-raising as teacher development Lark Gamey
1D Graduate students perceptions of the revised social studies curriculum KP Binda
1E Achieving Transformation Online: Changing Attitudes and Behaviour in the 21st Century Classroom Matt Henderson
2A Caring beyond the credit: Encouraging citizenship in the Grade 12 Global Issues course John Thompson & Kara Wickstrom-Street
2B Teaching history through popular film: Exploring the role of film music Denis Hlynka
2C Systems thinking in the global issues classroom Larry Paetkau
2D Game changer: How ‘Global Issues, Citizenship and Sustainability” has empowered students to become empathic and dialogical global citizens Kevin Lopuck
2E Citizenship mathematics: High school students helping younger children with numeracy activities Ralph Mason
3A Learning within inquiry-based pedagogy Lee Ann Block
3B Inquiry instruction through critical theory in the new ‘Global Issues: Citizenship And Sustainability’ course Jennifer Chapman
3C Introducing inquiry pedagogy during pre-service teacher education Gary Babiuk
3D Beyond the bake sale: The challenges of introducing take action projects in the global issues classroom Patrick McGuire
3E My first impressions of teaching global issues through inquiry Brenda Neuhofer

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