Presentations at MERN Forum # 36
"Technology in Manitoba Schools"

1A Literacy with ICT across the curriculum: A developmental continuum John Finch
1B Teachnology: Improving student and teacher learning in today's classroom Desiree Lemieux Paper  
1C How technology supports Metis education in Manitoba Sharon Conway
2A Technology and innovation across the curriculum: Connecting with technologically savvy students Philippe Beaudry, Daniel Berube, Mariannick Kroeker Paper  
2B Evaluating bring your own device in the Winnipeg School Division: Assessing the capacity Doug Edmond Paper  
2C Rigorous learning by distance Heather Duncan Paper  
3A The case against educational technology: Researching the literature. Dennis Hlynka Paper  
3B Where is your Library? Colleen Slight & Bradley Hampson
3C Building vocabulary, language and story comprehension through digital storybooks Donna Copsey Haydey Paper  
4A Exploring the use of graphic novels and digital comics as a creative platform for teacher candidates in home economics education Joanna Black, Orest Cap Paper  
4B Shift happens: From knowledge bokers to heutagogues Peggy Hobson, Darren Oughton, Brandi Nicholauson, David Wall, Tanis Thiessen Paper  

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