Presentations at MERN Forum # 35
Efficacy and Leadership in Education

1A Touring Turtle Island: Fostering leadership capacity to support First Nation, Metis and Inuit learners Sherry Peden and Dawn Wallin
1B Inquiry into social studies: Supporting self-efficacy leading to planned, sustainable action Gary Babiuk, &
Linda Connor
1C Picture this! A teaching strategy for all teachers Nathan Hall
1D Professional Learning and Leadership Centre Kathy Collis
1E Defining effective school division planning practices Lesely Eblie Trudel
2A Recent developments in Aboriginal education in Manitoba Helen Robinson-Settee
2B Understanding social justice in education: Exploring the concept with principals through dilemma analysis Danielle Fullan Kolton
2C Founding Manitoba’s first democratic school: The Unity Learning Centre Scott Durling, Dave Law, and Tanis Westdal
2D Excitement, energy and enthusiasm: The process of change in Lakeshore School Division Leanne Peters
2E An overview of the MASS ethical leadership project Ken Klassen
3A Efficacy in peace education Lloyd Kornelsen
3B Having positive conversations with teachers about teaching math Ralph Mason
3C Authentic parent involvement: What it looks like and how it may be achieved Naomi Kruse
3D The student success initiative and teacher transformation Jackie Kirk and Sheila Giesbrecht

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