Presentations at MERN Forum # 34
Working Together: Schools and Community

1A "It humbles people and makes us better": Effects of a service learning course Sokal. Barrett, Appel, Hildebrand, & Radawitz
1B Parental involvement and appropriate educational programming regulations: Perspectives of Principals Joan Zaretsky
1C The role of school leadership in creating a welcome environment for community: In conversation with principals Spencer Clements
2A A Proposal for the Unity Learning Centre Scott Durling
2B La consommation d’alcool et de drogues chez les jeunes vivant en situation linguistique minoritaire au Manitoba (French) Stefan Delaquis & Danielle de Moissac
2C Sistema Winnipeg Elwick: Year one findings of an arts integration program Francin Morin, Tanya Derksen & Lydia Hedrich
2D Inclusive Education in Manitoba 2001-2012 John VanWalleghem & Leslie Eblie Trudel
3A Moving forward, giving back: Transformative Aboriginal adult education Jim Silver
3B Exploitation pédagogique d’un corpus de francais oral: example d’un partenariat école/communauté (French) Francois Lentz & Sandrine Hallion
3C Families who homeschool in Manitoba Alan Schroeder
4A MAPC parental engagement in public education: Survey results Judith Cameron
4B An evaluation of parental perspectives on children’s education in Skownan First Nation Kathryn Levine, Fairy Wong & Darrell Cole
4C Approaching science education with community partnerships: Connecting biomedical science to curriculum experiences Harry Bell & Stephen Jones
5A How important is a practicum to fostering positive inclusive attitudes in pre-service teachers? Laura Sokal
5B Developing the "Profiling Inclusive Cultures in Schools" project Joan Zaretsky
5C Integrating social justice themes in content area courses Karen Magro

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