Presentations at MERN Forum # 3
School Planning and Reporting

0A "School Planning and Reporting/Keynote Address" Dr. Benjamin Levin Paper  
1A "Improving the Process of University and School Division Collaboration in School Planning" Helen Armstrong &Donna Michaels
1B "A Study of the Lions-Quest Program in Manitoba Schools" Bruce Mintenko, K.P. Binda, Gary Nicol
1C "Analyzing and Reporting Test Score Data using Excel" Ken Clark Abstract
1D "Dancing with the Bear" Sharon Pekrul & Dauphin Regional Comp. Sec. School Improvement Team
2A "School Planning in the Brandon School Division" Donna Michaels, Marlene Gregory, Harvey Laluk
2B "Improving Employment Readiness of Students: A Market-Oriented Approach" Satyendra Singh Abstract
2C "Supporting Inclusive Schools: School-Based Planning and Reporting: The Next Level" Members of MECY's Working Group on Planning in Education Abstract
2D "Are you saying it's my fault? - Exploring the Influence of a Principal on Elementary Science Delivery" Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
3A "Data into Practice: Understanding the Early Years and Comprehensive Assessment Initiatives in Winnipeg School Division" Doug Edmond
3B "Fostering School Improvement: MSIP Perspective Based on Research and Practice" Sharon Pekrul
3C "Valid Assessment Practices: Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning" John Goran & Dana Dvorak
3D "Large-scale Testing Meets Constructivist Curriculum" Shelley Hasinoff Abstract
4A "Making Pre-school Connections with Families" Pat Bowslaugh
4B "Winnipeg Education Centre - An Evolving Access Model for Teacher Preparation" Ken McCluskey & Phil Baker
4C "Community Perspectives on School Planning and Reporting" Deborah Giesbrecht & MAST Representative
4D "Strengthening School Planning and Reporting - Essential Practices and Considerations" Stephen Jaddock Paper  
4E "Using the EDI results to establish pre-school partnerships in South Parkland" Tanya Edgar Abstract

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