Presentations at MERN Forum # 29
Education Leadership: Doing the Right Thing

1A Where is equity found in the relationship between education and poverty? Stephanie Yamniuk
1B Inquiry into an induction model for inner-city teachers and administrators Kathy Collis
Francine Morin
Thomas Falkenber
1C Transforming our practices: What is the role of in-school administrators? Derrick Cameron
1D Embracing the Other: Reconciling personal and social change narratives Randy Kroeker
2A Resilience theory as a way of empowering newcomer students and schools Stephanie Yamniuk
2B Cultivating global citizenship: Exploring the pedagogy and ethics of global citizenship practica. Are we doing the right thing? Lloyd Kornelsen
2C Educational leadership in sustaining positive school cultures Sue Marlatt

Susan Schmid

2D Treaty Education Initiative Connie Wyatt-Anderson
3A Establishing creative environments through flexible leadership Ken McCluskey
3B Ethical Leadership: A moral commitment to high quality learning Coralie Bryant
Ken Klassen
3C Principals' leadership education with student outcomes in mind Connie Allsopp
3D Tackling first things first: Using career development education to promote new comer Canadian student’s career adaptability and school engagement Grace Ukasoanya

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