Presentations at MERN Forum # 28
Emergent Trends in Science and Mathematics Education

0A Keynote Presentation Brian Lewthwaite Paper  
1A The Development of Indigenous Pathways Programs for Higher Math and Science Education in Manitoba: A Call to Action Josh Watt
1B Supporting Teachers in Developing Effective Literacy Practices for Teaching Science Len Rivard
1C Can Students Learn Science Through a Story? Cathrine Froese Klassen & Stephen Klassen
1D Science Education in Cultural Contexts Dawn Sutherland
2A Tensions in Implementing the New Manitoba Chemistry Curriculum: A Teacher's Experience in Responding to the Learning Preferences of His Students Brian Lewthwaite
2B Is Math Ed a house of cards and is it falling down? Jerry Ameis
2C Making Math and Science Topics Enticing for Aboriginal Students Amjad Malik, Rick White & Virginia Birch
2D Approaching Science Education with Community Partnerships: Connecting Curriculum to Biomedical Science at St. Boniface Hospital Research Stephen Jones
3A Revising Teacher Candidates’ Views of Science and Self: Can Accounts from the History of Science Help? Richard Hechter,
John Murray,
Brian Lewthwaite
3B Learning Biology for Sociopolitical Action Barbara McMillan
3C Adapting McKeown and Dendinger's Framework for Teaching or Analyzing Environmental Issues in a Middle Years Setting Don Metz,
Peter Wohlgemut

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