Presentations at MERN Forum # 27
Respecting People and Place: Connecting Schools and Communities

1A Values and ethics in the decision-making of rural Manitoba school principals Chris Hicks
1B Living and learning together in place Brenda Firman
Elders: Martha Jonasson, Stella Neff, Albert Tait
Instructor: Buddy Loyie
School District: Ron Cook, Loretta Dykun
Pre-service teacher:TBD Students and Teachers from the district: TBD
1C The TRCM Research Strategy James Wilson
2A Our stories about teaching and learning: A Yukon First Nation shares its stories to assist educators in becoming responsive to the learning styles and aspirations of their community Brian Lewthwaite Barbara McMillan Robert Renaud Thomas Owen (Massey University)
2B But what does this have to do with real life? Connecting students to community through relevant curriculum Anne-Marie Rochford
2C(i) The continuum of literacy stages and their convergences into the four dimensional Universal Human Jenre Mark Mirza-Agha
2C(ii) Community art studio: An arts-based exploration of the experience of Canadian education for immigrant families Pam Reichert
3A Citizenship mathematics: Connecting young adults to the children in their village Ralph Mason
3B(i) The Peaceful Village Alysha Sloane
Batista Kwajok
Daniel Swaka
3B(ii) Building sustainable relationships in community schools Marlene Gallagher
3C(i) Is Education Sustainable? An examination of patterns and connections within MEd theses/projects with respect to topics, cultures, communities, and school divisions Robin Enns &
Lisa Maxwel
3C(ii) A cross-sectoral partnership: A readiness program for at-risk kindergarten children Donna Haydey

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