Presentations at MERN Forum # 26
Education Equity

1A Section 23 of the Charter and French Minority Language Rights in Canada – fragile communities facing reluctant Government responses Jules Rocque
1B Parent perspective on equity in schools Naomi Kruse &
Judith Cameron
1C Metis Education Policy: Standing Tall and Louis Riel Institute initiatives Sharon Conway
1D A critical vision for social justice in Canadian school systems Duane Brothers
1E Eating rats for insight: Culture, education, and equity Kevin Lamoureux
1F Growing the Peaceful Village Lesley Weisshaar &
Batista Kwajok
2A Anti-oppressive education: Minding the gap Chris Brown
2B From equitable education to an equitable society: One step, one student, at a time Anne-Marie Rochford
2C Social Justice Theatre Alysha Sloane
2D Cancelled Language rights of linguistic minority students in Canada, including the aboriginal, immigrant, and refugee students Naghmeh Babaee
2E Aligning teacher inquiry as praxis Scott Hill
2F Where is equity found in the relationship between education and poverty? Stephanie Yamniuk
3A Exploring and assessing resources to indigenize curriculum Helen D. Armstrong,
Donna Forsyth, &
Jackie Sinclair
3B Enhancing access to post-secondary opportunities for non-traditional learners Andrea McCluskey
and Debra Radi
3C Beyond the rhetoric of social justice: Transforming knowledge and practice through cooperative inquiry and reflective practice Danielle Kolton
3D Equity measures through large-scale assessment Ken Clark
3E Equity without participation is not equity: The changing role of school boards Jon Young &
AbdelHady El Nagar
3F Resilience theory as a way of empowering newcomer students and schools Stephanie Yamniuk

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