Presentations at MERN Forum # 24
Windows on the World: Career Development Manitoba Children and Youth

1A Career development in the middle years: A pathway to keeping students engaged Karen Courchene
1B Manitoba’s career development strategy – “Your Future, Your Way” Gail Langlais,

Lindsay Kaluznick

1C Career development guide for Manitoba school leaders Brad Couch
1D Transitioning from high school to post-secondary education in Manitoba Ann Barbour-Stevenson
1E Mentoring: A strategy for encouraging at risk youth to set career goals Alan C. Wiebe
1F Mentorship in the arts: Introducing youth to careers in the arts Thom Sparling
2A Through an essential skills lens Lindsay Laidlaw, Jonathan Cote
2B Building a culture of entrepreneurship Shaun Hampton
2C ‘Selling’ career planning to youth - lessons we’ve learned Nora Murdock,
Kelly Selkirk
2D Anokiiwin: Career development for the Aboriginal student Karen Courchene
2E Met school – from curriculum to community Adair Warren,
David Zynoberg
2F Technical Vocational Initiative and the Professional Learning Group Peter Narth,
Tony Fiorentino
3A L’influence des parents sur les intentions postsecondaires de leur enfant Gilbert Michaud
3B Restoring the sacred program and honouring gifts program Raena Baker,
Dana Connolly
3C Career Trek Darrell Cole
3D College and career readiness for all K-12 students: Need to help students to start the life journey effectively in order to finish well Grace Ukasoanya,
Marlene Atleo
3E The green jobs and sustainable development careers guidebook Natalie Swayze
3F The career development paradigm shift Tom Prins

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