Presentations at MERN Forum # 23
Transforming Practices for Teaching, Learning and Leading

1A The great divide between theory and practice in teacher education programs backdrop to the research and praxis Jerry Ameis
1B Urban and inner-city studies in Winnipeg’s North End Jim Silver
1C Transforming identities: Creating a vision of leadership in occupational therapy Natalie MacLeod Schroeder
1D The transformative practice of anti-oppressive education Chris Brown
1E Aligning hallway pedagogy with human rights: Learnings from the First National Climate Survey on Homophobia and Transphobia in Canadian High Schools Catherine Taylor
1F Exploring different roles that universities play in facilitating learning for sustainability Laura Sims
1G School improvement as transformative practice Lesley Weisshaar
Scott Hill
Alyshia Sloane
2A Literacy with ICT: A model for the 21st Century Michelle Larose- Kuzenko
2B Project SILA: Exploration of Inuit concept Silarjuaq – understanding of constant flux Margaret Kress White
2C The [R]evolution of the Internet & higher education: Shifting paradigms Glenn Cockerline
Mike Nantais
Jackie Kirk
Chris Brown
2D Belonging: A critical place-based art education research project Pam Reichert
2E Pause for a period: Caring and critical conversations for menstrual curriculum change Jennifer Watt
2F Working toward transformative learning and educational change: Pathways and possibilities Karen Magro
2G Dancing with the elephant: Teacher education for the inclusion of First Nations, Métis and Inuit histories, worldviews and pedagogies Sherry Peden
2H Gift + passion = better world: Supporting teacher leadership for social justice Danielle Kolton
3A Transforming rural education through effective professional development Candy Skyhar
3B From knowledge to action: Defining effective and functional school division planning practices to maximize organizational improvement and change Lesley Eblie Trudel
3C Teaching for empowerment, action and change (TEACH): A proposed forum for social justice educators Cathryn Smith
3D Handing them the sword: Empowering First Nations and Métis students through the ELA curriculum Anne-Marie Rochford
3E Creating a culture of critique, justice & care in teacher education Mike Nantais
Lark Gamey
3F The rules of engagement: Innovation as professional practice Howard Kowalchuk
Adair Warren
3G The development of appreciative leadership in Sunrise School Division Ralph Mason
Wayne Leckie

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