Presentations at MERN Forum # 22
Education for Sustainability

1A Measuring knowledge, attitudes and behaviors concerning sustainable development among tenth grade students in Manitoba Alex C. Michalos
1B Towards anti-oppressive education in teacher education programs in Manitoba Chris Brown
1C Connectedness to nature Mike Klassen Paper  
1D Equity: Foundational to education for sustainable development Donna Michaels, Mathew Gustafson, Nance Dane
1E An analysis of topics, abstracts, locations and issues in MEd research projects and theses completed at Brandon University 1990-2010 Robin Enns, Lisa Maxwell
1F Water sustainability: An indigenous perspective Garry Abigosis
1G Learning today to improve tomorrow Paul Cuthbert, Tyler Moran
2A Sustaining students with disabilities in post-secondary education Chris Brown, Michelle Magnusson
2B Leaders of change Jacqueline Kirk
2C Developing scientific literacy through Education for sustainable development in a small school network Rodelyn Stoeber, Fernand Saurette
2D Teaching teachers about sustainability and global citizenship Peter Denton, Barbara McMillan
2E Education for sustainability in Manitoba: What is and what should be Gary Babiuk, Thomas Falkenberg
2F Sustainability for future generations through land based education Randy Koshel
2G Perspectives in education for sustainable development Carolee Buckler, Anne MacDiarmid
3A Final lines in the sand - a foundational concept in educating for sustainability Gordon Robinson
3B Engaging learners using social networks in teacher education Michael Nantais, Jackie Kirk
3C Exploring different roles that universities play in facilitating learning for sustainability Laura Sims
3D Exploring parental attitudes toward outdoor exploration Michael Link
3E Knowledge of the forest: Supporting sustainability education with teachers-in-training Betty Lynxleg
3F Launch of the Manitoba sustainability education directory Christina McDonald, Lindsay Irwin
3G Supporting and sustaining schools toward indigenized curriculum: Exploring the possibilities of the indigenous inquiry kit model Helen Armstrong

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