Presentations at MERN Forum # 21
Teaching and Learning in the North

11 Bringing the teachings of the seven grandfathers into our classrooms: The Kenanow model of teaching David B. Anderson
12 Supporting the spirit of inclusion: Kenanow, teaching training and the L3 site Loretta Francois,
Matilda Gibb,
Brenda Firman
13 Science learning in the north Dawn Sutherland
21 What is a community school? Dori Hnidy,
Michelle Jones
22 Teacher education, service learning, and community renewal Frederica Prince,
Loretta Francois,
Brenda Firman
23 Shine on north Kevin Chief,
Gerry Zacharias
31 Television Conferencing and French Immersion Diplomas/The Science Ambassador Project Kathi McConnell-Hore
32 What makes a difference? Second year for full day kindergarten in Thompson Michelle Radley,
Peggy Martin
33 Responding to community aspirations: The development, implementation and assessment of culture-based science curricula in Canada’s North Barbara McMillan
41 How principal exchanges in an online community of practice ar e shaping conversations with teachers Juel Chouinard
42 Understanding the challenges and opportunities for recruitment and retention of in-school administrators in northern Manitoba. Amjad Malik
43 Embracing holistic pedagogy in the restorative justice program Rose Antsanen,
John George Hansen

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