Presentations at MERN Forum # 20
Learning What Works for Social Justice

0A Keynote: "What won’t I do today?" Education’s Calculations and Social Justice Catherine Taylor Paper  
1A Small-scale school projects that make a difference: The Manitoba grants for innovation in education program Nancy Buchanan
1B Brush out poverty Cameron Cross
1C Social justice: The risks of advocacy Randy Kroeker
1D Storytelling for social justice Marc Kuly
1E Manitoba’s ALL aboard strategy: Towards social inclusion Jan Forster
1F Working for Social Justice in Evergreen School Division Scott Hill
2A Developing educational leadership with a service-learning framework Vern Barrett, Allan Appel
2B Developing equity indicators for the Province of Manitoba Sheila Giesbrecht,
Tony Tavares
2C The student documentary: An implement of positive destruction Rob Jantz
2D An analytic update from the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy: Scores on the early development instrument and selection for reading recovery and results from the child health atlas Noralou P. Roos
Marni Brownell,
Carla Ens
2E Seeing teaching for social justice as part of preparing students (and teachers) for living sustainably Gary Babiuk,
Thomas Falkenberg
2F Anti-racist Multiculturalism for a just society Khalida Tanvir Syed
3A Discover Canada: A deconstruction of the new citizenship and Immigration study guide Denis Hlynka
3B Declining participation in post-secondary education: Challenges and implications for Manitoba Kim Browning
3C Social justice in the math classroom Matt Reimer,
Paul Betts
3D Finding the voices of the global south Charlotte Arnold,
Don Metz
3E Education as community development: Working in solidarity to build more peaceful and democratic communities Alysha Sloane
4A State of the Inner City report 2009 - It takes all day to be poor Shauna MacKinnon
4B Relationship between adolescent girls’ psycho-social development and use of virtual social networking research Lesley Girling,
Laura Sokal
4C Integrating social justice issues into the curriculum: Working toward intercultural competence Karen Magro
4D Youth citizenship programs provided through MB4Youth Chrystal Lynch
4E Success despite the odds: The voices of inner city youth Louesa Polyzoi,
Laura Atkinson,
Cathrine Froese Klassen

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