Presentations at MERN Forum # 2
Families, Schools and Communities

1A "Rural Education and School Reform: A Manitoba Case Study of the Missing Voice in Education Policy Development in Canada" Dawn Wallin
1B "Connecting the Arts Community to Schools and Families" Sharon Smith & Jerry Ameis Abstract
1C "Research That Drives the New PE/HE Curriculum" Heather Willoughby & Nick Dyck
1D "The Need for Designated Community Schools" Helen Armstrong Abstract
1E "A Study of Aboriginal Learners Attending Adult Learning Centres" Jim Silver
2A "Mentoring for Talent Development for At-Risk Populations" Ken McCluskey
2B "Advancing Community Schools: Improving the Capacity of the School and Home to Foster Healthy Early Years Development" Cathy Dearden & Team
2C "Empowering Parents with a Modified Voucher System" Rodney Clifton Abstract
2D "Sharing Complex Visions for Inclusive Schools" Beverley Bailey & Paul Betts
2E "Cultural Sensitivity" David Paul
3A "Comprehensive Assessment Program - Data into Practice for Children and Families" Doug Edmond & Brent Guinn
3B "Cultural Loyalty: Aboriginal Students Take an Ethical Stance" Nathalie Piquemal
3C "Career Trek: Creating Opportunities for Children and Families" Kathryn Levine
3D "Parents at the Periphery: Roles and Expectations of Minority Parents and Communities in Schools" Sandra Kouritzin
3E "It Takes a School to Educate a Child with ADHD" Sherri-Lynn Skwarchuk & Debbie Parrott
4A "A Winnipeg Study of Aboriginal Youth Leaders" Annabelle Mays & Josie Hill
4B "Understanding the Early Years - About Children, Families and Schools" Doug Edmond & Tara Orlikow Abstract
4C "Special Delivery Club: Analysis of a Program for Young Parents" Noreen Ek
4D "The River East Community Schools Initiative: Bringing Families, Schools, and Community Together to Ensure Better Life and Learning Outcomes for Children" Trish Ward Abstract
4E "What are we Learning about the Links between Schools, Families and Communities?" Deborah Giesbrecht

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