Presentations at MERN Forum # 19
Studies in Rural and Aboriginal Education

1A The innovative learning centre: A tap on the shoulder Kevin Chief
Gerri Zacharias
1B Engaging Aboriginal youth in the critical inquiry process through visual media CONTINUES IN SESSION 2B Val Georges
Jacqueline Mignot
Geraldine Whitford
Linda Marynuk
Janice Millar
Nickie Batzel
Marsha Missyabit
1C Standing tall education program Patti Sayies
1D Indigenizing curriculum: Connecting western and indigenous knowledge in the classroom Helen Armstrong
Jacie Foy
Olivia Pratt-Murdock
Marlene Lavasseur
2A Students’ success and satisfaction on online learning systems for secondary schools in a rural school division in southwest Manitoba Lili Jardine
2B Engaging Aboriginal youth in the critical inquiry process through visual media CONTINUES FROM SESSION 1B Val Georges & WSD
Aboriginal Education Team
2C Les facteurs favorisant ou inhibant la réussite scolarie des élèves autochtones / Factors affecting positively or negatively school performance of Aboriginal students Hélène Archambault,
Yves Labrèche
2D Community-based Aboriginal curriculum initiatives: An update on our SSHRC/CURA program of activities Helen Armstrong, Jacie Foy,
Marlene Levasseur, Olivia Pratt-Murdock,
Crystal Sandy, Jackie Sinclair,
Chris Brown, Barry Corenblum,
Barbara Gfellner, Donna Forsyth,
Jackie Kirk
3A Cultural visibility: Using Aboriginal literature to build identity and literacy Donna Forsyth
Sherryl Maglione
Helen Armstrong
3B Blending the old and the new: BUNTEP spins a web (2.0!) and catches students Clark Gawletz
Lynn Whidden
3C Rightfulness: A multi-dimensional approach to pursuing excellence and equity Donna M. Michaels
Greg Malazdrewicz
Mathew Gustafson
Adrian Kuryliw
3D Journey from cultural awareness to cultural competency Peter Parisian
4A The role of a professional development school model in supporting Aboriginal and EAL students Donna Forsyth
Mathew Gustafson
4B BU cares researcher-in-resident program: Developing local community capacity for rural education research Karen Rempel
4C Recognizing ourselves in others: non-Aboriginal educators talk about teaching Aboriginal students academics Marlene Atleo
Laara Fitznor
4D Fisher River Cree Nation: Enhancement year program, Year II assessment Jerry Storie
Nora Murdock
David Dumas
Amjad Malik

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