Presentations at MERN Forum # 18
Critical Conversations on Teaching and Learning

1A The power of family literacy Terrie Moar
Beverley Zakaluk
1B Creating and promoting positive educative environments: An inventory for considerate spaces of learning Erica Pflug
Karen Smith
Laura Saydak
1C Finding hope in the darkness: Stories of two newcomers learning English in high school Yi Li
1D The impact of arts education on success for learners from disadvantaged circumstances: What does the research say? Francine Morin
1E Experience-based brain development Mia Elfenbaum
1F Leadership for implementation and change: Guiding principles for school leaders Cathryn Smith
2A Critical conversations and the inner mentor Randy Kroeker
2B Critical literacy and social voice: Reflecting on increases in learning during a time of socioeconomic decline Phyllis Geddert
Donna Nentwig
Jason Braun
2C Digital Natives: Myth or reality: Issues in teaching ICT literacy Mike Nantais
Glenn Cockerline
2D Manitoba’s graduates: Results from the class of 2007 Kim Browning
2E Class size and composition multi-age middle years project Chris Hicks
3A Building creative climates in our schools
Ken McCluskey
3B Hooking students on science through partnerships with the science ambassador Kathi McConnell-Hore
3C Decolonizing post-secondary education: The community-based Aboriginal teacher education program - CATEP Phillip Baker,
Lance Guilbault,
Kristine Guilbault
3D Pursuing a harmony of purpose and practice: What constitutes ‘ improvement’ for our schools? Lesley Weisshaar
MSIP staff presenters
3E "The question concerning technology" Denis Hlynka
3F Building equity, consistency, capacity and vision with strong educational leadership. The School District of Mystery Lake Hugh Fraser
4A Building creative climates in our schools
Ken McCluskey
4B Two years later: Do male reading teachers, choice of reading materials, and computer-based reading affect achievement gains in struggling male readers? Laura Sokal
4C The politics of Native studies Brian Ranville
4D When the walls go up: What prevents parent participation in the K-12 system? Naomi Kruse
4E Literacy across the curriculum in senior years Lindsay Harms, Adam Khan, Zachary Stewart, David Zynoberg, Michelle Billeck

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