Presentations at MERN Forum # 17
Winter Crystal Science/Math Forum

1A An evaluation of chemistry teacher development in response to the implementation of the new Manitoba grade 11 and 12 chemistry curricula Brian Lewthwaite, Harvey Peltz
Presented by: Brian Lewthwaite
1B Views on teaching about, for, and in the environment: A comparative study of teaching practices between Costa Rica and Manitoba Don Metz, Barbara MacMillan, Amanda Tetrault, Mona Maxwell Presented by: Don Metz
2A Exposing students’ views of human/nature relationships in research and teaching Christina McDonald
2B Pre-service teacher capacity in mathematics: Research outcomes and program changes Ann Kajander, Carlos Zerpa, Jennifer Holm
Presented by: Carlos Zerpa
3A The breakup and drift of conceptual continents: A new model to support students’ understanding of 20th century contributions to the plate tectonics revolution John Murray
3B Programme for international student assessment (PISA) - Results for Manitoba Ken Clark
4A Integrating environmental consciousness into secondary mathematics: Principles and goals Ralph Mason, Michael Moreau
4B Developing an action plan to foster transfer of learning Inessa Rozina
5A The development of contextual learning strategies using information technology

Physics comes to Winnipeg: The 1909 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

Jillian Hoogland, Trevor Bekolay

Sarah Dietrich, Stephen Klassen

5B Supporting readers and their use of texts in the science classroom Léonard Rivard
6A Using SMART board technology to teach Grade 6 Science Shannon Gadbois, Nicki Haverstock
6B Using a collaborative approach and « concerted cultivation » to frame community level risk and protective factors on a first nation reserve Paul Betts
7A Science and sustainability: Reliable friends? Mona B. Maxwell
7B 'She can bother me, and that’s because she cares': Inuit students perception of success and pedagogical and interactive processes influencing success Brian Lewthwaite, Barbara MacMillan
Presented by: Brian Lewthwaite
8A The large context problem approach in teaching science (physics) Arthur Stinner
8B Digital Natives? How ICT-ready are our teacher candidates? Glenn Cockerline, Mike Nantais

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