Presentations at MERN Forum # 16
Early Learning

1A Creating places for all children: Measuring inclusion quality in early childhood programs Debra Mayer
1B Evergreen early childhood programs - Action research Fay Cassidy, Doug Anderson
1C Meeting with early learning needs of deaf children and their families Charlotte Enns, Sarah Kelly
1D Early learning and ICT Michelle Larose-Kuzenko
2A The science of early child development - an online tool Louise Gordon, Mia Elfenbaum
2B Enhancing high quality preschool programming to families in the R.M. of North Norfolk Kim Young
2C New arts education policy development, reform and research in Manitoba: What early educators need to know Francine Morin
2D Family choices: Manitoba’s five year agenda for early learning and child care Cees deVries
3A A professional development model for cultivating curriculum transformation in early education Francine Morin
3B Full day kindergarten in Thompson piloted to address low language Peggy Martin, Michelle Radley
3C Building student success with Aboriginal Parents Marlene Gallagher, Helene Robinson-Settee
3D An intervention program for at-risk inner city kindergarteners: Origin, development, and effectiveness Donna Copsey Haydey, Leslie Nutbean
4A Community schools partnership initiative Marlene Gallagher, Helene Robinson-Settee
4B Early Childhood Development in Manitoba: From Research to Policy Development Mariette Chartier Paper  
4C Active engagements: The arts as the central focus for early learning Liz Coffman
4D The role of the teacher in early writing development Allyson Matczuk

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