Presentations at MERN Forum # 15
Success for Aboriginal Students: What Works

1A Creating safety and opportunity for overcoming learning barriers: Learning to read by reading Brenda Firman
1B A journey from cultural awareness to cultural competency Marlene Gallagher
1C Using indigenous methodology to explore Aboriginal mothers’ views on language facilitation Luella Bernacki Jonk
1D Indigenizing the curriculum to meet the needs of Aboriginal students Helen Armstrong
1E Inuit students’ perceptions of success and pedagogical and interaction processes influencing success Brian Lewthwaite &
Barbara McMillan
1F Bringing the school to life on the land Buddy Loyie
1G A professional learning community for literacy: From action research to classroom practice Darlene Michalot-Dumas
and TBA
2A Belonging, mastery, and academic success – Using the circle of courage to measure program effectiveness Kevin Lamoureux
& Kevin Chief
2B It’s as simple as movement Joan Zaretsky
Melinda Balodis
Ralph Mason
2C Pursuing positive futures Bernie Latoski
2D What does it mean? Basil Johnston
2E Standing tall - A community initiative in education Sharon Conway
2F Intégration des technologies de l’information et des communications en milieu scolaire autochtone Hélène Archambault
2G Success and identity: a literature review on the role of ethnic identity in Aboriginal students' academic achievement Chris Brown
3A Aboriginal identity declaration in Manitoba, and a national data collection and research strategy - approaches from Manitoba and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada Sheila Redsky
Keith Lowe
3B Making a difference: Powerful ripples in the water Glenda Boulette
Brenda Firman
3C A shared vision Kevin Chief
Gerri Zacharias
3D Making education work Betty-Ann McIvor
3E Closing the gap with Evergreen School Division’s Aboriginal education program Fay Cassidy
Penny Ross
3F Mosaic of our People: Connecting with Aboriginal students to increase academic success Paul Magnan
Ken McCorkle
Kris Friesen
3G School improvement project: Integrating technology with ELA and mathematics Ernest Kuch
Gloria D. Sinclair
4A "The science ambassador" - A great way to inspire interest in science Kathi McConnell-Hore
4B Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators talk about formal English language learning Marlene Atleo
Laara Fitznor
4C Fisher River Cree Nation "Enhancement year program" study: Year 1 - Exploring answers Nora Murdock
Jerry Storie
Amjad Malik
Davin Duman
4D Connecting with Aboriginal role models Betty-Ann McIvor & Students
4E Aboriginal students talk about the reasons for their success Helen Armstrong
4F Opaskwayak Education Authority land based education program James Wilson

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