Presentations at MERN Forum # 14
Education in Low-Income Communities

00 Keynote: Economics and Equity in Public Education Carolyn Duhame
1A Socio-economic status, social capital, and high school mathematics Ralph Mason
Janelle McFeetors
1B Swampy Cree educational traditions: Alternative approaches to dealing with conflict in community schools John Hansen Abstract
1C What current research tells us about early years literacy in low income families Donna Copsey Haydey Abstract
2A Engaging "At risk" inner city youth through mentoring Alan Wiebe Abstract
2B Community schools partnership initiative Marlene Gallagher Abstract
2C Educational, economical and environmental barriers for Manitoba newcomers: Making schools more equitable, fair and safe for all students Jan Stewart
3A Socioeconomic status and educational outcomes in Manitoba Randy Fransoo Abstract
3B Education in a community school Julia McKay
3C Community-based Aboriginal curriculum initiative: Emergent responses to community needs Chris Brown
Helen Armstrong
4A Educational needs of at risk kids Noralou Roos
4B Inner city Aboriginal learners speak on education John Hansen
Richard Julien

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