Presentations at MERN Forum # 13
Adult Teaching and Learning

1A Your power to choose- teaching citizenship, democracy and participation in elections Angela Chalmers Abstract
1B Le forum électronique de discussion - un outil d’accompagnement des enseignantes et enseignants favorisant la croissance professionnelle Jules Rocque Abstract
1C Working toward transformative learning in adult literacy education Karen Magro Abstract
2A Plan-based learning and facilitation: A case analysis in an adult learning centre Boniface Etuk
2B Service learning in teacher preparation programs Alexa Okrainec
2C The importance of interpersonal relations in adult literacy programs Marion Terry Abstract
3A Engaging levels of knowing for adult classroom instruction: Three cognitive processes Marlene Atleo
3B UndanSnjóbreiöuni (What lies beneath the snow) revealing the contributions of Icelandic pioneer women to adult education in Manitoba 1875 - 1914 Jo-Anne Weir Abstract

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