Presentations at MERN Forum # 11
Connecting Research to Policy and Practice

1A Excellence in higher education: Understanding evidence-based practice Alexa Okrainec Abstract
1B Gifted high school students experiences of messy math Paul Betts &
Laura McMaster
1C Connecting research to policy and procedure: Safety and security Doug Milak John Minshull &
Barry Gooden
2A Research-based revision of Manitoba transition planning process support guidelines for students with special needs reaching age 16 Youn-Young Park &
Tim Thorne-Tjomsland
2B Integrating the Dakota culture into high school curriculum Olivia Murdock,
Kaitlin Demas,
Kelly Antoine, &
Helen Armstrong
2C Research, policy, practice working together: Putting the pieces together Denise Belanger Abstract
2D What is the distance in distance education? Glen Gatin
3A Making education work in Manitoba schools Betty-Ann McIvor Abstract
3B School development planning: Connecting research to policy Donna M. Michaels, Marlene Gregory, Nancy Dane, & Terry Osiowy
3C ‘L’élaboration d’une politique de l’exogamie dans le cadre de la gestion scolaire francophone en milieu minoritaire Jules Rocque Abstract
3D Differences in special education students’ perceptions of classroom support in cluster vs. integrated classroom settings John Kreshewski Abstract
4A Standing tall: A community initiative in education Sharon Conway Abstract
4B From school in community to a community-based school: Examining the influence of an Aboriginal principal on school development Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
4C From research to practice in our senior high schools Donna M. Michaels,
Greg Malazdrewicz, &
Adrian Kuryliw
4D How to increase success and satisfaction with online learning? Glen Gatin
Lili Jardine
Glenn Cockerline
5A Connecting Research to Policy and Practice: Closing Summary Jules Rocque Paper  

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