Presentations at MERN Forum # 1
Improving Learning Outcomes

0A TBA Dr. Benjamin Levin Abstract
1A "Fourteen Facets of Traditional Indigenous Education: Can/Should These Be Embodied in Today's Classroom?" Roger Neil
1C "Aboriginal Dropout or Resistance: What Can We Do To Stem The Tide" K.P. Binda
1D "Bipolar Disorder: Curriculum Input vs Learner Output" Blaine Hatt
1E "Comparing Mainstream and Cluster Classroom Programs: Action Research in Brandon" Adrian Kuryliw
2A "Augmentative and Alternative Communication Assessment Sourcebook" Alexa Okrainec Paper  
2B "Manitoba's Involvement in the Montreal Study on Teaching and Learning" Raymond Théberge
2C "Education Research and Teacher Candidates: Creating Meaningful Practicum Experiences" Richard Harbeck
2D "Precision Reading: The Research Record" Rick Freeze
2E "Researching the Effects on Mathematics Teaching and Learning Through the Arts Program" Jerry Ameis & Sharon Smith Abstract
3A "Masculine Literacy; Effects of Text and Sex of Reading Coach on Boys Attitudes Toward and Achievement in Literacy" Herb Katz & Laura Sokal
3B "It's More Than Knowing the Science: A Case Study In Elementary Science Curriculum Review" Brian Lewthwaite Abstract
3C "Manitoba Speech-Language Pathology Outcomes Measures Initiative" Mark Robertson & Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk
3D "Aboriginal Adult Learners in Adult Education Centres Jim Silver
3E "Removing Barriers to Post-Secondary Access Through Partnership: Career Trek" Darrell Cole & Elaine Wilson
4A "A Comparative Study of Best Practices Teaching English as a Second Language in Low Incident Areas" Sandra Kouritzin
4B "Creating Positive Environments: Toward Optimal Learning and Wellbeing of School Children" Riva Bartell
4C "Action Research and Aboriginal Education" Leon Simard
4D "Sharing Complex Visions for Inclusive Schools" Paul Betts & Beverley Bailey Abstract
4E "Manitoba's Involvement in the Montreal Study on Teaching and Learning Raymond Théberge

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