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MERN Forum # 52
Session: 4F
Author: Kara Wickstrom Street & John Thompson
Affiliation: River East Transcona School Division
Title : How can we bring Canadian history to life through the stories of the dead? Using inquiry and historical thinking to pay tribute to fallen WWI soldiers.
Description : In a society where we are constantly bombarded with information it is becoming increasingly difficult to find ways to make students excited about learning about the past. We are competiting with social media and popular culture and students often question the relevance of learning about the past. Our presentation will focus on how we can make history more engaging through authentic action and inquiry. As high school teachers we have organized an opportunity for students to research a fallen WWI soldier, create a tribute to that soldier and then visit their gravesite as part of the Vimy 100 commemorative ceremonies. Using anectotal testimonies from our students we will share how inquiry and action have enabled our students to foster a deep connection wtih the past. We will share our experiences and how a similar action and inqury project can be applied in the local community.
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