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Session: 3F
Author: Sheri Lynn Skwarchuk & Naomi Kruse
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg & Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
Title : Parents be the change: Using the inquiry process to engage parents
Description : Inquiry processes have been developed and used with teachers to reflect and improve on teaching practices. In Manitoba, a growing number of groups of teachers from similar disciplines (e.g., science, social studies, math) have gathered to support each other during the school year to focus on issues of interest or concern. In this project, the inquiry process was extended to determine whether it would work with parents. Two communities (one in rural Manitoba and one in Winnipeg) were chosen and dinner, babysitting, and a guest speaker were provided during three consecutive months to engage the audience to think about a change project. Parents were motivated to make short or long term changes that affected their immediate family or the community in general. These sessions have the power to impact parents to make change, especially when supports are perceived to be limited.
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