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MERN Forum # 52
Session: 3C
Author: Tim Skuce & Sheelagh Chadwick
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Examining and exploring lived experience through inquiry
Description : Many Manitoba Programs of Study state that through inquiry students are to examine and explore their ‘lived experiences’. In so doing, students and teachers are called upon to place their previous understandings of self, other and the world at risk as an opportunity to understand in new ways. The presenters will share their research from working with classroom teachers, undergraduate and graduate students and will incorporate an inter-disciplinary and interpretive treatment of inquiry. This presentation will create opportunities to explore how music, art, architecture and language can interrupt familiar ways of knowing—to make the familiar strange. Inquiry offers a space for students and teachers to garner more fulsome understandings of self, others and the world; and acknowledge and appreciate that their understandings of curricular outcomes remain unfinished; thus, students and teachers remain open to future possibilities not yet known.
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