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MERN Forum # 52
Session: 2E
Author: David Mandzuk & Catherine Draper
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Relationship mapping: An inquiry into the complex relationship challenges of educational leaders
Description : This presentation will present the preliminary findings from a study about social networks, trust, and the complex relationship challenges that educational leaders face in educational settings such as schools, school divisions, and faculties of education. Fifteen participants (5 school principals, 5 school superintendents, and 5 deans of education) were interviewed about the most difficult relationship challenges that they have faced as educational leaders. They were asked to follow a process that includes drawing a relationship map (a visual representation of the people involved in the relationship challenge), thinking about the trust relationships that they believe exist between these people, and indicating where the people involved are located on their respective organizational hierarchies. Although the analysis of the data is ongoing, it is expected that the study’s findings will contribute to our understanding of how educational leaders think about, and respond to, the relationship challenges that they face.
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