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MERN Forum # 49
Session: 4A
Author: Joanna Black
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Youth practices in digital arts and new media: Learning in formal and Informal settings
Description : One of the co-authors, Dr. Joanna Black, will discuss her book, 'Youth Practices in Digital Arts and New Media'. This text is about digital art practices in relation to youth engagement, and learning in new media. Particular to the research are conclusions about teenage engagement in digital technologies in formal and informal educational settings ranging from public schools and community centers to film schools. What will be addressed in relation to teenagers’ digital art making practices are types of learning, knowledge sharing, distinct social contexts, and pedagogical relationships, as well as creative inquiry in school and community arts learning spaces. Youth’s digital art practices will be considered in light of the recent focus on children’s participation in digital culture that affects social change, pedagogy and creative learning practices. The juxtaposition of informal and formal education contexts provokes new understandings of learning and teaching digital art with youth.
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