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Session: 3A
Author: Jacqueline Kirk & Mike Nantais
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : A case study of a 1:1 computing initiative in a rural high school
Description : This session will present the findings of a qualitative case study of a 1:1 computing initiative in a rural high school. The purpose was to investigate and document the implementation, successes, challenges, and failures encountered in this process. A unique feature of the case is that the school division purchased the devices and then subsequently turned ownership over to the student. Surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, classroom observations, and document analysis, were used to understand the policies, procedures, and practices implemented in this school to implement a 1:1 computing initiative. The study considers the initiative from the diverse perspectives of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The results of this study have implications for educational leaders and teachers as they design policies and procedures to manage budgets and overcome the issues of access and pedagogy that are current obstacles to the widespread use of personal devices for classroom learning.
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