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Session: 3C
Author: Kelsey Demond, Emily Hodge, Jennie Kennedy, Abby Ziprick, & Sheelagh Chadwick
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Understanding diverse perspectives on informal musical participation towards increased involvement in school music
Description : Pressure is mounting on future music educators to seriously consider the relationship between informal music practices and formal school music programs. How can pre-service music teachers begin to understand musical experiences and histories that differ so distinctly from their own? Students in an undergraduate Foundations of Music Education course undertake a research project in which they interview individuals who have not studied music formally, but who are nonetheless passionate about, and active participants in music in order to understand why students with a deep interest in music might avoid taking music in school, and what students who actively seek out musical activity do when they have not been part of a traditional high school music program. Their projects conclude with recommendations for future practice that demonstrate the value of making music education accessible and appealing to a wider range of musical backgrounds and interests.
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